Car Window Tinting Services in Charleston, SC

Do you need help finding a location in Charleston, SC that offers premium car Window Tinting services? Look no further than Elliot Remington Auto Studio!

What is Auto Window Tinting?

Window Tinting involves covering a car’s windows with a thin, translucent film. It is intended to block or lessen the quantity of sunlight that comes through the windows. The film is often constructed of polyester or other comparable materials.

KAVACA Window Films Elite Dealer in Charleston, South Carolina

Ceramic Pro Charleston provides KAVACA CERAMIC IR film, the ultimate Automotive Window Film. Manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, Ceramic Pro has infused a proprietary formulation of nano-ceramic technology with an IR layer to deliver excellent Heat Rejection, Glare Control and UV protection that is metal-free, supporting signal clarity for all types of electronic devices. KAVACA IR blocks up to 99%+ of cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays and filters 96% of infrared heat.

KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Tint Film carries a lifetime guarantee.

Top 3 Outstanding Advantages of Window Tinting

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Customize Tint Styles

Personalize your vehicle with a choice of various tint shades. We have the proper film for you whether you prefer light tint shades or dark privacy glass options. Increase your comfort and effectively upgrade your car’s look today.

Increased Privacy

KAVACA Window Tint film offers the most durable and best-performing tint dyes while providing increased clarity from the inside. It increases your privacy without obstructing your view of the road.

Heat Rejection

KAVACA Window Tint contains a proprietary blend of nano-ceramic particles and IR-blocking materials, blocking up to 96% of the infrared heat you feel. It makes the interior of your car much more comfortable.

Window Tinting Package

Vehicle Type

Window Tints

*Please check your tint laws in your area!

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KAVACA Ceramic IR Window Tint is the pinnacle of automotive window film technology. With its proprietary nano-ceramic technology, it blocks up to 96% of infrared heat, providing an exceptional indoor cabin experience. Additionally, our window films offer superior protection against harmful UV rays, ensuring the safety of you and your passengers.

Window Tinting Knowledge Base

Every jurisdiction has different rules regarding Window Tinting. It’s crucial to review the local laws in your area to learn about any limitations on the use of tinted film on separate windows and the proper tint darkness levels.

Yes, newly installed windows and windows already in place can have Window Tinting installed. However, a professional must apply the tint film to guarantee correct installation and prevent any damage to the windows.

Yes, you can take the window tint off. The tint’s age, the installation’s caliber, and the kind of glue used, for example, can all affect how difficult it is to remove. To prevent any harm to the windows, it is typically advised to have the tint professionally removed.

KAVACA Window Tinting is available from Elliot Remington Auto Studio at 2532 Spruill Avenue Charleston, SC 29405. Enjoy unparalleled privacy, fashion, and UV protection for your car. To make an appointment and transform your vehicle with KAVACA Window Tinting, call us at +1 843-779-9533 today.