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At Elliot Remington Auto Studio, we approach each vehicle with unwavering commitment to produce the best possible job. We take pride in offering unrivaled professional auto detailing services and are proud to be based on picturesque Sullivan’s Island.

With Elliott Remington Auto Studio, automobiles are more than a means of transportation, they are our passion. Start your journey with us today!

Experience your car’s shine like never before and witness a transformation that will exceed your expectations. Call us now, and restore that showroom shine that all drivers desire!

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Ceramic coating’s hydrophobic qualities produce a water-repellent surface that prevents water stains and facilitates cleaning. By serving as a shield against dangerous rays, its UV protection stops fading, oxidation, and color deterioration. 

Car wraps are more affordable than repainting, with lower prices and the flexibility to change the look whenever you want. They also provide speedy installation, reducing vehicle downtime and enabling a quick transformation.

Paint Protection Film shields your vehicle’s paint from chips, scratches, and UV radiation. It maintains the vehicle’s exterior in pristine condition, enhancing its resale value by protecting against wear and tear, preserving the paint’s quality in the long term.

HRE Wheels’ excellent quality and meticulous attention to detail ensure the best possible brake clearance for high-performance automobiles. HRE Wheels provide the ideal blend of design, performance, and usability thanks to their superb craftsmanship and precision engineering. 

Window tinting reduces the temperature inside the vehicle and provides an added level of privacy. Additionally, it lessens glare from the sun and from headlights at night, making for a safer driving experience.

Paint Correction involves professional techniques to transform a flawed surface into a perfect finish. The sense of pride and fulfillment derived from witnessing the restored beauty of a vehicle’s paintwork is incredibly rewarding for owners and enthusiasts alike.

Dry ice blasting softly cleans surfaces without abrasion or damage, and can be used on live electrical components without running the danger of electrical shock or injury. It ensures surface preservation by removing pollutants while maintaining the integrity and look of the cleaned vehicle.

Storage units give people and businesses extra space to store their vehicles. Furthermore, our storage facilities are climate-controlled and fully secure, guaranteeing the best conditions to safeguard your vehicle.

Elliot Remington Auto Studio near Sullivan's Island

Sullivan’s Island is a lovely barrier island just west of Charleston, South Carolina. Sullivan’s Island provides the ideal balance of relaxation and coastal beauty and is well known for its immaculate beaches, historic charm, and laid-back vibe. It is a well-liked location for locals and visitors due to its rich history, active local community, and breathtaking natural surroundings.