Automobile Storage

Guaranteeing your car will always be safe and secure.

stor·age / noun:

the act of storing; state or fact of being stored; capacity or space for storing

Secure, climate-controlled Storage

Preserve the condition of your vehicle from Charleston’s coastal environment. Elliot Remington’s secure storage is consistently kept between 72-74F and 50-55% relative humidity. Our location is discreet and at 58 feet above sea-level, is one of the highest points in Charleston.

Pre-Storage Prep

  • Condition photographed and logged
  • Unique ID assigned, keys tagged, and a record created
  • Engine fluid levels and battery health checked
  • Tire pressures and tread checked and adjusted for storage to avoid flat spots
  • Signature detail performed
  • Automatic battery conditioner connected
  • Registration and insurance documents uploaded to Client Portal
  • Email updates sent with photographs for total peace of mind

Storage Maintenance

  • Daily checks all storage areas inspected a minimum of twice daily
  • Every 7 days battery charger and drip trays inspected
  • Every 14 days Engine is started to lightly exercise mechanical and electrical components. Any defects noted and notified to client with a suggested remedy.
  • Every 30 days – Upon request performance drives can be scheduled to ensure internal fluids are maintained optimally and tires avoid flat spots.

Departure Protocol

  • Registration and Insurance paperwork verified
  • Battery, lights, and horn checked
  • Fluid levels adjusted as needed
  • Tire pressures set for road use
  • Interior and Exterior Signature detail performed
  • Quality check performed prior to hand over
  • Door-to-Door delivery service available or collect from us

Elliot Remington provides the storage units you need to keep your vehicle in pristine condition. We offer pre-storage prep, premium storage maintenance, and departure protocol. You can be assured that your vehicle is safe in our hands. We are passionate about prolonging the life of your vehicle and will treat it as if it were one of our own. If you’ve been searching for storage units to store your beloved vehicle, there’s no better place than Elliot Remington. We provide the security, space, and maintenance required to properly store your vehicle. Your search for the best storage units Charleston has to offer ends with our team at Elliot Remington. We have a passion with a purpose and want to provide automotive aficionados with the care their vehicle deserves.