Secure & Climate Controlled Vehicle Storage Unit in Charleston, SC

Welcome to Elliot Remington Auto Studio’s storage services. We provide reliable and secure storage options for vehicles, ensuring their maintenance and protection.

Climate Controlled Vehicle Storage: What is it?

A service or location that offers a secure, controlled environment for the temporary storage of vehicles is known as a vehicle storage unit. When people or businesses need to keep their automobiles, motorbikes, or other vehicles stored for a long period of time, vehicle storage units are the perfect solution.

Elliot Remington offers quality storage units for your vehicle. We provide pre-storage prep, premium maintenance, and departure protocol to ensure your vehicle’s safety. Trust us to treat your car like our own and extend its lifespan. Choose Elliot Remington Auto Studio for the best storage units in Charleston, where we prioritize security, space, and maintenance. Let us cater to your automotive needs with our passion and purpose.

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Our Car Storage Process

Preserve the condition of your vehicle from Charleston’s coastal environment. Elliot Remington’s secure storage is consistently kept between 72-74F and 50-55% relative humidity. Our location is discreet and at 28 feet above sea-level, is one of the higher points in Charleston.

storage check in with car storage unit at elliot remington in charleston nc
  • Vehicle Arrival Condition photographed and logged
  • Unique ID assigned, keys tagged, and Client Record created
  • Fluid levels and battery health checked
  • Tire pressures and tread checked then adjusted for storage to avoid flat spots
  • Automatic battery conditioner connected
  • Registration and insurance documents uploaded to Client Record
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  • Storage areas inspected a minimum of twice daily
  • Every 7 days battery charger and drip trays inspected
  • Every 14 days Engine is started to lightly exercise mechanical and electrical components. Any defects noted and notified to client with a suggested remedy
  • Every 30 days – Upon request performance drives can be scheduled to ensure internal fluids are maintained optimally and tires avoid flat spots.
departure protocol with car storage unit at elliot remington in charleston nc
  • Registration and Insurance paperwork verified
  • Battery, lights, and horn checked
  • Fluid levels adjusted as needed
  • Tire pressures set for road use
  • Quality check performed prior to hand over
  • Door-to-Door delivery service available or collect from us


enthusiast package car storage unit at elliot remington auto studio in charleston sc


Monthly $425

Pre-Paid Annual – $4,800


Monthly $475
Pre-Paid Annual – $5,400

In addition to the services described in the Enthusiast package

packages 2 min
packages 3 min


Monthly $650

Pre-Paid Annual – $7,200

In addition to the services described in the Collector Package


There are unique requirements for classic and vintage vehicles including but not limited to; climate-controlled settings, skilled maintenance, and security precautions to maintain their condition and value. Elliot Remington Auto Studio can provide specific storage solutions for classic or vintage vehicles.

Elliot Remington Auto Studio clients have access to their vehicles during normal business hours through our designated Client Dashboard. We are open Monday – Friday 0830am to 6pm and Saturdays 730am to 12pm. Ask about our packages that include 24/7 access!

We offer daily, weekly, monthly, and annual storage rates. Most clients choose to maintain a permanent space to ensure their vehicle will always be protected.

We will need to verify proof of ownership and the vehicle MUST be insured. We can provide recommendations for specific insurance if needed.

As part of our full-service storage options, professional car storage facilities like Elliot Remington Auto Studio frequently provide maintenance services. To keep your car in top shape while it’s being stored, our qualified specialists can conduct routine inspections, battery upkeep, fluid checks, or recommend a specialist for other required maintenance procedures.

Vehicle(s) which are; in excess of nine (9) feet in width; are in excess of eighteen (18) feet in length; will not fit on vehicle lifts utilized by Elliot Remington; or are in excess of 7,000 pounds unladen gross weight are considered Oversized. Please contact us directly to discuss options for Oversized vehicles, and trailers.

Yes! We have special rates for motorcycles.

No, we do not provide boat storage.

Yes, the entire Elliot Remington team understands the peace of mind that comes with having your vehicle protected during a potential storm.

Elliot Remington Auto Studio provides Door-to-door service for your vehicle. We have expertise in local, regional, or long-haul enclosed transport.

From service appointments to detailing, the Elliot Remington team will coordinate pick-up and delivery of your vehicle to and from the location of your choosing.

To reserve your storage unit, call us at +1 843-779-9533 today! Take advantage of the excellent storage services offered by Elliot Remington Auto Studio at 2532 Spruill Avenue, Charleston, SC 29405. Give yourself peace of mind with vehicle storage units by Elliot Remington Auto Studio!