Top Quality Dry Ice Detailing Services in Charleston, SC!

Dry Ice Detailing is a relatively new concept in the car care industry. At Elliot Remington Auto Studio, we offer premium Dry Ice Detailing services to help you return that showroom shine! Contact us right now to take your car to next level!

What is Dry Ice Detailing?

Dry Ice Detailing is a non-abrasive cleaning method that utilizes solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) pellets as the blasting media. Compressed air propels the dry ice pellets at high speeds to eliminate contaminants from different surfaces. As the dry ice impacts the surface, it converts into gas, ensuring a gentle and efficient cleaning process.

Dry Ice Detailing Service Elliot Remington Auto Studio in Charleston SC
Dry Ice Detailing Service Elliot Remington Auto Studio in Charleston SC

What Does Dry Ice Detailing Do?

Dry Ice Detailing at Elliot Remington Auto Studio offers several benefits for cars, making it an effective method for cleaning and maintaining automotive surfaces. Here are some of the advantages of using Dry Ice Detailing for vehicles:


Dry Ice Detailing forms a non-abrasive cleaning method. It uses dry ice pellets, which are soft and won't damage the underlying surface of the car like paintwork, chrome, and plastics.

Versatile Cleaning

Dry Ice Detailing can effectively remove dirt, grease, oil, paint, adhesives, and other contaminants from various car surfaces. The technique can reach tight spaces and crevices that are difficult to access.


Dry Ice Detailing forms a fast and efficient cleaning process. It can quickly remove stubborn dirt and grime, reducing the cleaning time required for a car.

Our Dry Ice Detailing Package

Dry Ice Detailing Package Elliot Remington Auto Studio in Charleston SC

Hourly rate – $200/hr, 8 hour minimum

Dry Ice Detailing Package Elliot Remington Auto Studio in Charleston SC

Best for underbody preservation, engine bay cleaning, and delicate surfaces or instruments.

Dry Ice Detailing Frequently Asked Questions

When performed by qualified experts, Dry Ice Detailing is a safe cleaning technique. The procedure is safe and leaves no chemical residues behind. However, appropriate safety precautions should always be taken, including the wearing of protective gear and adherence to professional standards.

Dry Ice Detailing  is a non-abrasive technique that, when used properly, doesn’t harm most surfaces. However, some delicate materials, such as soft rubber or thin plastics, may be vulnerable to harm. To avoid potential damage, skilled specialists will evaluate the surface and adjust the pressure and distance accordingly. 

The size of the area, the difficulty of the cleaning process, and the kind and thickness of the impurities are some of the variables that affect how long a Dry Ice Detailing project takes. Simple jobs can be completed in minutes, but more significant or complex undertakings can take many hours or even days. 

Experience our innovative Dry Ice Detailing service to refresh your automobile! Come to our location at 2532 Spruill Avenue Charleston, SC 29405 or call +1 843-779-9533 to make an appointment. Take advantage of this unique cleaning technique, available now at Elliot Remington Auto Studio.