Does Ceramic Coating Protect Against Rock Chips?

When protecting your car’s paint, one question that often arises is whether ceramic coating can stop rock chips. This blog post from the experts at Elliot Remington Auto Studio in Charleston, SC, will look at how well ceramic coatings protect the outside of your car and discuss why choosing a ceramic coating service for your vehicle is essential.

Will Ceramic Coating Prevent Rock Chip Damage?

Your car’s paint will be protected from the elements long-term with ceramic coating. It is important to note that ceramic coatings protect against various environmental toxins, but they may not be able to stop rock chips. A ceramic coating primarily provides a solid hydrophobic layer that protects against water pollutants and light scratches.

When gravel or road debris hits a high enough velocity, it may cause rock chips to appear. Ceramic coating may enhance protection, but it might not be enough to stop rocks from hitting into a vehicle.

Ceramic coatings provide further protection against rock chips but aren’t a complete solution. Minor abrasions, such as brushing against shrubs or tree branches, won’t peel off these coatings’ hard, hydrophobic surfaces. The layer also protects the paint from oxidation and fading caused by damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Additionally, it protects against caustic substances, tree sap, bird droppings, and other harsh chemicals. Ceramic coatings are more simple to clean than other materials because water, dirt, and pollutants are less likely to cling to their hydrophobic surface. This makes routine maintenance a breeze.

Why are Ceramic Coatings Effective?

There are many more protective advantages to ceramic coatings that make them an excellent choice beyond only eliminating rock chips:

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UV Protection (UV)

The coating is a barrier against the damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, protecting the paint from oxidizing and fading over time.

The Resistance of Chemicals

Ceramic coatings protect corrosive substances and guard against damage caused by elements such as tree sap, bird droppings, and other harsh chemicals.

Resistance Against Minor Scratches

Scratches caused by tiny abrasions, such as rubbing against shrubs or tree branches, cannot penetrate ceramic coatings because they produce a hydrophobic and hard surface.

Simplicity of Maintenance

Because of their hydrophobic properties, ceramic coatings are far more simple to clean. Water, dirt, and other impurities are less likely to cling to the surface, making routine maintenance much more accessible.

Which Additional Protections Can Avoid the Risk of Rock Chips?

Ceramic coatings prevent paint from chipping, although they work best when combined with additional measures to prevent rock chips:

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

A translucent film known as PPF is applied to the outside of the vehicle to provide further protection from rock chips and other road debris. By acting as a shielding layer, it takes the impact and protects the paint beneath from damage.

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Routine Maintenance

Washing and waxing the surface regularly helps eliminate pollutants that might cause harm to the paint. Even though it is not a perfect solution against rock chips, a vehicle that has been regularly maintained is in a better condition to withstand the destructive effects of road debris.

Driving Safety Procedures

You can reduce the danger of rock chips by not trailing too closely behind big rigs, particularly on highways with gravel. Improving paint protection is as simple as being aware of road conditions and adapting your driving style appropriately.

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Ceramic Coating: Is It Necessary to Protect Your New Car?

A ceramic coating is an excellent option for protecting your brand-new vehicle. Establishing reasonable expectations is still vital. Ceramic coatings are great at protecting paint, however they may need help to completely stop rock chips or other kinds of impact damage.

 It is important to ensure that your goals for your vehicle protection and the environments your car will be in align with your choice of ceramic coating. 

If you often drive on gravel roads, adding extra protection like Paint Protection Film (PPF) to the ceramic layer is a good idea. The PPF is a transparent film on the outside of the car. It acts as a protective layer that takes the impact and keeps the paint underneath from being damaged.

The Best Ceramic Coating Service in Charleston, SC

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