Bring a Trailer Local Partner

Recently, Elliot Remington Auto Studio collaborated with Bring A Trailer to help detailers achieve incredible outcomes when selling your vehicle!

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At Elliot Remington Auto Studio, we understand the crucial role of meticulous preparation and top-notch photography in achieving the best auction outcomes. We take pride in providing various vehicle preparation services tailored to enhance your auction experience.
Professional Detailing and Dry Ice Cleaning

Professional Detailing and Dry Ice Cleaning

Professional detailing and dry ice cleaning services offer a thorough and environmentally responsible method of cleaning vehicles and surfaces. Detailing improves your vehicle’s appearance and condition, whereas dry ice cleaning removes problematic pollutants without leaving residues or chemicals.

vehicle storage

Elliot Remington offers top-tier storage units for your vehicle, as well as comprehensive pre-storage preparation, premium maintenance, and a stringent departure protocol to ensure the protection of your vehicle. Trust us to look after your car as if it were our own, preserving its longevity.

Professional Photography/Videography

Elliot Remington specializes in professional photography and videography services tailored to vehicles. Our skilled team captures your vehicle with precision, creating stunning visual narratives that showcase its unique qualities.


Elliot Remington’s transportation service is dependable and secure, ensuring safe and timely delivery. During every travel, we prioritize the care and safety of your vehicle.

Paint Correction

Elliot Remington’s paint correction services rejuvenate your vehicle’s appearance. Expert technicians use advanced techniques to remove imperfections, restoring the paint’s gloss and enhancing its overall aesthetic.

Pre-Auction Maintenance

Elliot Remington’s pre-auction maintenance ensures that your vehicle is in optimal condition. We provide comprehensive inspections and necessary repairs, enhancing its appeal and value in the auction market.

Listing Management

Elliot Remington provides expert listing management services to improve your vehicle’s online visibility. To attract potential buyers, we create intriguing listings with high-quality photographs and informative information.

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