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We are Charleston’s automotive surface restoration and paint protection specialists. We are experts when it comes to installing Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings, Clear Bra, Window Tint, and Dry Ice detailing.



Ryan Remington

Founder and Managing Director, Ryan Remington began writing the business plan for Elliot Remington Auto Studio In 2011. What started out as a concept to provide DIY working space and equipment to auto enthusiasts, the plan quickly became something larger. Motivated by a lack of automotive care options In the Charleston market and a desire to do something “different”, Ryan opened Elliot Remington is March 2017. Favourite Car: 1984 Ferrari 288GTO.

Originally from West Point, NY and having grown up in Edinburgh, Scotland, when Ryan is not working on the next exciting project, he enjoys playing/coaching soccer and spending time with his two boys.

Adam- Manager - Ceramic Pro Charleston

Adam has been in the automotive industry for 15 years and is our resident “Mr. Fix-It”. 

Adam is an experienced detailer, audio/low-voltage specialist, and fabricator. He truly has an eye for detail, a love for cars, and enjoys learning new techniques to maintain and restore cars to their best possible condition. 

Favourite Car: Mercedes Benz R63 “Sleeper” Minivan


Kevin - Paint Protection Film Technician

Kevin has been with Elliot Remington since the start serving as an entry level detail technician, Lead Technician, Front House Manager, and now is our Certified Paint Protection Film installer. 

He is very passionate about all things cars and graphic design. When he’s not working, his favorite things to do are go on long drives, spending time with family and friends, and DJing. 

Favourite Car: 2019 Lamborghini Huracan Performante (Verde Ermes)

Cade - Ceramic Pro Technician

Cade joined the team in early 2023 after moving from another Ceramic Pro dealer in NC. 

Cade brings a passion of detailing adding 8+ years of experience to our ceramic coating, paint correction, and interior restoration services. 

When not working, Cade enjoys motorsport and sim racing, record collecting, vintage video games, and spending time with family. 

Favourite Car: 1995 McLaren F1 GTR (Papaya Orange) 


Lian- Ceramic Pro Technician

Lian joined Elliot Remington in 2022, as a Detailing Apprentice and is now our Certified Window Tint installer. 

Lian enjoys, modifying and customising cars, sports, and is an avid gamer. 

Favourite Car: 2023 BMW M4 CSL (Frozen Brooklyn Grey) 

Rhone- Photography/Videography

Rhone is our in-house videographer/photographer based here in Charleston for the last 8 years. 

He runs FinVisuals Media Production and is passionate about motorsports, connecting his interests into his visual storytelling work. 

You can visit Rhone’s work at 

Rhone Photography/Videography




At Elliot Remington Auto Studio, your car will receive expert paint correction and polishing! Located in Charleston, South Carolina, at 2532 Spruill Avenue Charleston, SC 29405 visit today to make an appointment and restore the shine to your automobile.